Image Optimization

Automated Image Optimization

Speed up your website with AI Driven
Image Optimization!

In order to accelerate your page load time, improve SEO, enhance your user experience and reduce bandwidth costs, one of the key areas to optimize is the images on your website.

But you don’t need to spend additional time tuning your images. Nitrogen provides Adaptive image optimization that automatically optimizes images on the fly, improves speed and reduces your infrastructure cost.

Optimize your Website Images based on

Device Computer Power
Device Compute Power
Device Screen Size
Device Screen Size
Device Network Bandwidth
Device Network Bandwidth

Do we really have to choose between beautiful Design and Speed? Not anymore!

  • Next-gen image formats automatically supported
    - WebP, AVIF

    The ideal format and optimal compression levels are applied to images

  • No Code Change
    Integrate in minutes with no code change at all with any site or apps

  • No compromise on visual quality
    Reduce the weight of your images without sacrificing their quality

  • Save Cost & Effort
    Doesn’t need any technical team effort and API integrations. Save in bandwidth,
    storage and backup sizes

  • Resize image along with compression – On the Fly
    Automatically detects the size of each image on each device to resize before delivery.

  • Better UX and SEO
    Increase your site speed by 35% and enhance your SEO at the same time

  • Increase user engagement
    Better UX and fast site encourages users to stay engaged on the page

Start Optimizing your Images

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