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10 Proven Tips That Will Boost Your M-Commerce Sales (E-Commerce for Mobile)

Mobile Sites: 10 Proven Tips That Will Boost Your M-Commerce Sales

Here we discuss 10 proven ways to drastically increase commerce from your mobile store. Click here to learn more about improving your m-commerce right away.

The holiday season is coming up. Is your m-commerce shop ready?

M-Commerce is the mobile version of e-commerce. It's any kind of shopping or transaction that happens on a mobile device.

People love shopping on their phones. In fact, 40% of shoppers buy products on their phones. It's more convenient and easier to compare prices.

M-commerce is also faster. Let's say you're in a store, and they're out of your favorite foundation. It's quicker for you to find the product on your phone and ship it to your house than ask the store if they can order it for you. 

Your customers don't just want quality products. They want it quickly and efficiently. Your job is to help them with all those things.

If you want your online shop to do well, you can't forget mobile sales. Check out these 10 tips to help boost your m-commerce sales.

1. Is Your M-Commerce Site Ready for Mobile Viewing?

We know, it sounds kind of redundant. Of course, an m-commerce site should work for mobile shoppers. The problem is that doesn't mean it actually is.

Before you go crazy with a mobile web design, find out if your current site is working. You can use Google's Mobile Test Tool to find out what kinds of bugs your site might have.

For example, does that cool AMP carousel fit on your page, or does it cut off half of your photos?

You should also look at the Mobile Usability Report to see how easy it is to use your site. 

Take these findings into account before you do anything drastic to your site. 

2. Put All the Important Stuff in Easy to Reach Places

Supermarkets put their sugary cereals right at children's eye level. You need to put the important stuff at thumb level. 

When designing your m-commerce site, remember that customers are shopping with their thumbs. With that in mind, keep things like the "Add to Cart" button in the "Thumb Zone." 

You want your m-commerce site to be easy to use. Putting important items in easy to reach places will help your conversion rates. 

3. Make Your Check-Out Process a Breeze

Remember that m-commerce customers want speed and convenience? They're not going to get that if your check-out process is weird. 

Don't create a checkout page that they can't scroll through with ease. If they have to zoom in on certain parts of the page to put in information, they won't be able to see other parts of the page. If they can't navigate the POS page, there's a good chance they'll abandon it.  

4. Diversify Mobile Payment Options

One of the cool things about the mobile shop is all the ways people can pay for your products.  More people are working with digital wallets, now that the process is easier and more secure. 

These digital wallets include:

  • Apple Pay
  • PayPal
  • Samsung Pay
  • Google Wallet
  • Ect

One way to grow your m-commerce business is to use these apps to help your customers pay for your product. 

5. Make Your Pages Faster

The quickest way to kill a mobile shopping experience is with a slow page. Customers don't want to wait for images and information to load. After all, your images and product descriptions are how they decide if the product is right for them. 

There are several ways to increase the speed of your website, but here are the basic ways to help your mobile site.

  • Cut Down Website Code- Is it quicker for you to read a 10-page page book or a 400-page book? The 10-page book is easier, of course. Your website code works the same way. Take all the spaces and line breaks out of your relevant website code, and make it easier for your site to read. 
  • Optimize Your Images- Images are a beast for websites to load, but they're also the best way to sell your products. Reduce your mobile site speed by optimizing your images. You can also take a few images off your page to improve speed.

6. Create a Top Navigation Menu for Mobile Browsers

Another thing that mobile users want is an easier way to browse your site. Give them what they want by putting a navigation menu right at the top of the page. 

It can either be a navigation bar or a hamburger menu. Whatever works best for you and your mobile site is the right way to go. 

7. Display Your Products in a Gallery

Mobile shopping is all about ease of access. Instead of arranging your products in a unique eye-catching way, stick to the basics.

A grid gallery helps customers find products and prices. You can also display interesting links like holiday gift guides.

8. Consider if You Want a Mobile Site or a Mobile App

There's a lot of debate about whether mobile shopping apps are worth the hassle. 

The best way to decide if you want to develop an m-commerce app is by asking if an app will offer your customers something they can't get from a mobile site.

Will it be a quick and convenient place for customers to earn "shopping points" or create wish lists? Is that something they can do without an app? 

The choice to develop a branded app is up to you. Do some research to determine if that's something your customers will enjoy. 

9. Display Icons that Let Shoppers Know They're Secure

Mobile shopping has seen an uptick in the past few years. Security, though, is still at the forefront of customer's minds.

One way to reassure them is by displaying the icons of security companies that work with you. For example, if you work with PayPal, display their secure payment badge on your checkout page. 

Don't make people guess if you're a reputable vendor. Let them know up front, and they'll be more likely to buy from you. 

10. Use Mobile Analytics to Check Your Progress

Pilots don't fly at night without the proper navigational tools. Why would you try to grow your business without statistics and tracking? 

Use Google Analytics to track how well your customers are responding to your site. You'll see stuff like how many people are browsing, or if they abandoned their carts.

Don't fly blind! Use these tools to grow your site and your business.

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