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Appointment Scheduling and Queue Management Solution

Appointment Scheduling & Remote Queuing

Uplift your customer’s experience with virtual queue management solution

Enable your customers to plan their store visits and enhance their customer journey with MeQue queue management system. MeQue allows social distancing while still maintaining customer experience and operational efficiency with virtual queuing, scheduled appointments and contactless online order pickups. No matter what the situation is around, we understand how important is the customer experience and that you want your customers to be safe, happy and stress-free.

Appointment Scheduling

Give your customers an easy, flexible and interactive appointment scheduling through any channel. Provide automated notifications & 2-way communication to avoid any onsite wait times. Ease your customer management and improve service quality.

Remote Queuing

Make customer journeys more efficient by eliminating lines & speed up transactions. Enable your customers to join the queue from any location and get real time alerts on their wait time and position wherever they are. You can predict and plan better to focus on customer needs.

How it helps?

Build Loyalty and Drive Sales

  • - No wait in Lines
  • - Get in queue from home, work or your vehicle
  • - Get Live Alerts
  • - BOPIS/Curbside Pickup
  • - Operational Efficiency
  • - Schedule visit from any channel
  • - Get Notifications & Reminders on your way to the store
  • - Reduce On-site wait Times
  • - Predict & Plan better

How it works?

Continuously monitor and measure traffic for your store & provide real time alerts to provide a safer shopping experience.

Virtual queue management system

Customer View


Find and select store to get added to the queue

Get information on the current wait times

Near Store

As you get near, MeQue automatically queues you

At Store

Wait in car or roam around

When MeQue buzzes, you can go towards the entrance

Show the QR code to get admitted to store

Store Manager’s View


Current in-store head count

Current queue wait times


People interested in coming to your store


Allowed headcount in store

Store times

Catchment area

Coordinator’s View


Current in-store head count

Current queue wait times


People interested in coming to your store


Scan and check-in

Scan and checkout

Allow Exceptions


Improve Customer

Reduce On-site
Wait Times

Walk Aways

Gain valuable
customer Insights

Staff Productivity

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