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Citymax Hotels (Landmark Group) partners with Nitrogen to increase site speed by 45%, thus causing a 20% increase in user engagement.

Fast site speed was a critical success factor for our business. Nitrogen is innovative in its technology and is paired with excellent pricing. Our website was live on Nitrogen in minutes, with no effort required from our side, and we observed an increase in traffic and user engagement in just a week. Perfect business partner, great product, and a fantastic team.
Vineet Ullal


N7 - Citymax (Landmark)

Citymax Hotels (Part of Landmark Group) offer great service, value and exceptional experiences – all at an affordable price. There are 5 Citymax Hotels across the United Arab Emirates and 1 hotel in Egypt, with many more new hotels coming up.

The Challenge

Citymax wanted to improve website performance to meet the ever-evolving needs of if its loyal and valued guests. With more and more users visiting the site, customers complained about site-loading problems. Citymax Hotels has added a lot of content and images to its site. The content rich site was causing slow page loads resulting in poor mobile and desktop experiences for the users.

The Solution

To ensure consistent global web-page loading speed, Nitrogen identified DXA (Digital Experience Accelerator) as the best solution for improving user experiences across regions. Thorough audit of all the digital elements that might be impacting their site performance was done by Nitrogen. Image optimization, progressive rendering were suggested to accelerate and speed up the website where the content will be delivered instantaneously.

The Benefits

After integrating Nitrogen with their website, they were able to provide both fast site performance and mind-blowing experiences to its users in no time. The site is now 45% faster with increased user engagement and high scores on customer satisfaction. There is a 20% increase in customer engagement and 12% increase in customer satisfaction.
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