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Secure Your Commerce Website

Offers web app security, managed WAF, DDoS protection, and AI/ML bot management to keep your business safe.

Trusted by 1500+ commerce brands to enhance their web performance

"Our website pages took a long time to load, and we were also facing DDoS attacks regularly. We considered several services to mitigate these malicious attacks and increase website loading speed. None of them could cover security and performance the way Nitrogen did it. It protected our website from security vulnerabilities, and the WAF module provided actionable insights into traffic patterns, thus enhancing security. We saw a 30% increase in website speed and massive growth in user engagement.”

Bajaj Allianz

Nitro-Protect your Commerce website

N7 provides advanced DDoS protection that controls bot activity and ensures relevant traffic gets through.

  • Inbuilt next-gen Web Application Firewall (WAF) provides security against cyber-attacks. A set of 2000 + rules can be used to prevent malicious intent traffic.
  • With cloud DDoS rate limiting, it detects and mitigates any emerging attack rapidly.

Advanced AI/ML based bot mitigation

Nitrogen's ML engine prevents the DDoS as well as other external attacks and keeps security threats risk at bay.

  • The 'Human Detector' detects the source of traffic and manages it without affecting user experience.
  • An AI/ML based anomaly detection algorithm sends alerts to rectify issue before impacting user experience.
  • 2 Factor Authentication is provided to you through SMS and Emails.

Real - Time Monitoring And Reporting

Now you just need a single dashboard to see the traffic pattern and mitigate the threats.

  • Get a detailed breakdown of website traffic based on parameters like location and device type.
  • In order to prevent malicious attacks we provide real time blocking based on user, browser and device data.

Managed Cloud WAF

Our WAF provides a fully managed security service that works as your extended team to meet your security needs.

  • Personalized rules for your application - identify and mitigate vulnerabilities instantly.
  • AI based DDoS protection service.
  • Comprehensive dashboard that gives you 360 degree security to make nitro - fast decisions.

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