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Adaptive Image Optimization

Access dynamic image optimizations and transformations in real-time, empowering developers and marketers to enhance web-based visual experiences.

Trusted by 1500+ commerce brands to enhance their web performance

"We had been looking for a stable, robust solution for our website as more and more customers are hooking onto our website, exploring it on daily basis. We wanted to address the page load time issues, create a enhanced experience for them and subsequently, increase conversions. After few trials, we found N7 – The Nitrogen Platform’s AI driven Image Optimization feature to be perfect.”

CEO, Vipul Bathwal, Aza

Zero Integration Effort. No Code Change Needed.

Easy implementation - How? It's simple and nitro - smooth!

  • Our image optimization service instantly resizes images for all screen types and there is no need to specify height, width or image type parameters.
  • Optimize images for web without API integration or maintenance.

Ideal format and optimal compression levels are applied to images

N7 AIO supports next - gen image formats - HEIF, WebP, AVIF.

  • Automatically transform images based on your device screen size, network speed and computing power, which provides users with an immersive experience.
  • Lossless Mode - have to deal with different image format? Selectively apply lossless compression!
  • With superior UX and improved SEO, Nitro - boost your page load time, which enhances the lighthouse score, resulting in better google rankings.

AI/ML based smart cropping

Our smart algorithm adjusts focus of an image and resizes it accordingly.

  • The advanced face detection algorithm detects the human eyes and focuses on it.
  • The object detection algorithm resizes the images while focusing on your product.

Pre-integrated with powerful CDN

It's time to make your website secure, scalable and nitro quick! Access a Nitro-Fast network and real time logs!

  • Nitro - Fast unlimited cache - Experience low-latency edge computing on a global scale with strategically located PoPs.
  • Nitro-fast page loading - With 3X faster loading you can boost user engagements and increase conversions.
  • When you deliver appropriate sized images, your costs can drop off by 30%.

Manage & Deliver Rich Media Assets with Ease

Provide customers a nitro-fast online experience by integrating DAM.

  • Integrate our image transformation into your DAM.
  • Let artificial intelligence help! By creating a dynamic visual experience, allow your team to create more in less time.

Ready to give your customers the best online shopping experience?

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