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Speed, Scale, Security...Sorted.

Fastest CDN for Digital Commerce

Modern Age AI/ML-Driven fully managed CDN, custom built for eCommerce websites and apps.
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Aza Fashions CTO, Santosh Deodhar shares how N7 helped them to improve the website performance by 40% and boost online conversions

Why do you need Nitrogen?


Stop Engaging if images & videos do not load on wireless internet


Every Minute a site is down because of security or performance


Drop in conversions if there is 1 sec delay in Page Load


Abandon a website that takes more than 3 Secs to load

Redefine Your Shopper’s Digital Experience

Enhance the customer experience, increase user engagement and boost conversions

Improve Web Performance

Industry first domain focussed platform to accelerate the performance and provide an immersive user experience through vertical specific innovative techniques

3rd Party Java Script Accelerator

Analyse, control and sequence the 3rd parties resulting in a much faster site, consistent shopping experience and increased online conversions.

Instant Commerce Pages

Increase page load speed with instantaneous rendering of Catalog & Product detail Pages, to help customer find the desired product and thus increase conversions

Boost website performance with Digital Experience Accelerator

Accelerate eCommerce site performance and provide an immersive user experience through vertical-specific innovative techniques. By dramatically increasing page load times and optimizing the delivery of rich imagery and content, Nitrogen allows online brands to improve the performance of their sites significantly.
  • Predictive caching
  • Instant Catalog rendering & filtering
  • Control 3rd parties rendering & site elements
  • Adaptive Image Optimization
  • Dynamic DOM Optimization

Fastest CDN for eCommerce helps deliver personalized experiences

Get access to ultra-fast network & real-time logs delivered from the edge, that makes your website faster, scalable and secure. Nitrogen ensures maximum origin offload to handle peak traffic increasing conversions and saving on infrastructure cost. Nitrogen can also split or aggregate multiple origin servers to serve under one domain.
  • Global network of 73 Tbps
  • 56 PoPs over 6 continents
  • Mega PoPs with auto-scaled servers
  • 3 Tiered caching - minimal hits on Origin
  • ULTRA Fast Purge

Speed your website with AI Driven Image Optimization

In order to accelerate your website’s page load time, improve SEO, enhance your user experience and reduce bandwidth costs, one of the key areas to optimize is the images on your website. Nitrogen provides Adaptive image optimization that automatically optimizes images on the fly, improves speed, and reduces your infrastructure cost.
  • Supports next-gen image formats - WebP, AVIF
  • No code change
  • No compromise on visual quality
  • Integrated with world’s fastest CDN
  • Advanced face detection and object detection

Secure your eCommerce Website

Nitrogen provides a managed Web Application Firewall integrated into the core platform. As needed, a set of 2000+ rules can be used to prevent malicious intent traffic. Other advanced security features include Geo fencing and blocking, human detector, 100% SSL over H2, Anomaly Detection and 2 Factor Auth.
  • Advanced AI/ML detects & remediates threats in real-time
  • Personalized next-gen Managed WAF Rules as per customer requirements
  • Identify and mitigate bad bots before they affect your website
  • DDoS Mitigation – Rate Limiting

Enhance user experience with Real Digital Experience Monitor

Dive deeper into your website and mobile app insights by tracking availability, functionality and responsiveness in real-time. Now with the help of N7’s advanced RUM you can get an end-to-end visibility of your user journey, easily identify problems and better prioritize the issues.
  • Resolve front-end, backend and DNS related issues faster
  • Check page load speed and user satisfaction
  • Page load breakdown based on device, location, page groups, compute power and network quality
  • Compare your Core Web Vitals with that of your competitors
  • Check FCP and LCP to see how fast your page loads


Speed. Scale. Security...Sorted.

Improve eCommerce Website Speed

  • Speed up website by 30%
  • Instantaneous rendering of content 
  • Seamless performance & experience 
  • Across devices, location & platform

Scale Your Business and Manage Traffic

  • Peak traffic management & monetization
  • Holiday Readiness
  • Increase conversion rates by 10%
  • Save on Infrastructure Cost by ~10%

Make Your Website More Secured

  • Mitigate DDOS attacks
  • Deployed in a few minutes
  • Prevent customer data breach
  • Protecting customer identities
  • Managed WAF

Get real-time insights 

  • Gain deep insight into your platform
  • Real-time end user and traffic analytics
  • Helps in monetizing long error tail & prioritize effort to increase ROI.

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