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By using Nitrogen, Isha Foundation's website has expanded its reach to citizens across the globe



N7 - Isha Foundation

Supported by 11 million volunteers in 300 centers worldwide, Isha Foundation’s activities address all aspects of human wellbeing. From its powerful yoga programs for inner transformation to its inspiring projects for society, environment and education, Isha activities are designed to create an inclusive culture that is the basis for global harmony and progress.

The Challenge

N7 – The Nitrogen Platform aims to establish a robust CDN, and AIO solution in order to enhance the site’s experience for the millions of Sadhguru’s domestic and international followers. With millions of followers and visitors daily hitting the website, Isha Foundation felt the need to make the website lighter, more secure and digitally experiential especially after Covid.

The Solution

N7’s Dynamic Caching increased caching percentage for Isha’s website by permanently storing files on the edge, making the servers fast and efficient and thus reducing the infrastructure cost. Also, Nitrogen’s Adaptive Image Optimization allows Isha website to reduce image sizes, improve quality, and speed up website content delivery, reducing load times as users scroll through their website pages.

The Benefits

Post plugging onto N7’s CDN and AIO, the website has experienced 40% jump in page speed and 35% reduction in page size.
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