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ET Roundtable | Modern Security For Modern Commerce

April 12, 2024
Building commercetools Extensions

ET Roundtable | Modern Security For Modern Commerce

In the age of digital commerce, cybersecurity is inhibited by the advanced, intelligent, data-obsessed cyber threats that leverage the likes of AI and application-level attacks. In fact, 80% of attacks today happen at an application level, and 65% aim to extract customer or product data. As a result, conventional defences like basic network firewalls or captcha-based authentication are no longer sufficient for enterprise security. They instead end up dampening the user experience on your sites, making you lose precious customer traffic and revenue.

The answer lies in equally intelligent defence technologies, AI-powered multi-layered defence mechanisms like zero-trust systems, two-factor authentication, and tamper-proof tokens, among others. However, the implementation of all these tactics must be prudent and effective.

How can you make sure of that for your firm's safety? Find out the answer from the experts in this exclusive webinar by Nitrogen.

Key Takeaways:

1) How cyberattackers are leveraging AI to step up their attacks

2) Why basic network firewalls, captchas and other conventional methods aren't enough anymore

3) Leveraging AI-powered defences: Multi-layer defences, zero-trust systems, rate-based DDoS protection and more


- Debojit Maitra, CISO, Aditya Birla Fashion Group

- Rana Hazarika, Director - Product & Technology, Upgrad

- Gautam Gurtoo, Cofounder & CTO, N7 - The Nitrogen Platform