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The Performance Disruptor for eCommerce brands

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April 30, 2024
Building commercetools Extensions

The Performance Disruptor for eCommerce brands

Originally published in Entrepreneur India

Manoj, a successful investment banker in the bustling city of New York, started finding himself increasingly disconnected from his roots. Born and raised in India, Manoj had always nurtured a dream of making a meaningful long-term impact on his home country's growth story. After numerous sleepless nights and deep introspection, he made a life-altering decision – leaving his lucrative role in the United States to return to India and embark on a new exciting journey of deep tech.

In the backdrop of a rapidly expanding Indian economy, driven by the proliferation of the internet, digital technology, and the soaring popularity of digital commerce, Manoj identified a critical pain point - the gap in legacy Content Delivery Networks (CDNs) and performance optimization. Over the course of 15 years, he honed his expertise in the industry, recognizing that user experience is now more crucial than ever. Motivated by this insight, Manoj joined forces with his co-founders to develop a ground breaking AI/ML powered solution called N7 – The Nitrogen Platform.  Manoj explained, “I saw a lot of e-commerce stores and sites popping up in India catering to almost every single need of a person, however, these stores although robust, simple to use, solving challenges, lacked any sort of reliable security and performance solutions which they could leverage, and this is how Nitrogen was born in the year 2016.”

Nitrogen aimed to empower online businesses to transcend the limitations of traditional CDNs by providing them with a robust platform capable of delivering fast, scalable, and secure online experiences across all devices, around the clock. They take immense pride increating huge impact for their customers. Their customers have experienced substantial improvements in performance, customer satisfaction, security, and conversion rates, particularly during the high-stakes holiday season.

Deeply ingrained in a culture of innovation, Nitrogen, a B2B app company, maintains an unwavering commitment to pioneering positive transformations. They are also committed to their core beliefs in inclusivity & local empowerment. It is very endearing to see world class innovations being created & exported.

As a bootstrapped company, it has taken a self-sustained approach to growth and hasn't engaged in any formal investment rounds to date. “Our focus has been on leveraging our resources efficiently and organically, allowing us to maintain full control over our strategic decisions and the direction of our company. This approach has allowed us to build a strong foundation and prioritize the needs of our customers while staying true to our vision.”

For those embarking on their journey in the Indian commerce, Manoj has some advice.  “Understand the unique challenges and opportunities within the different geographical regions, and tailor your solutions to address them.  Prioritize user experience, security, and collaboration with local commerce players. Stay agile, adapt to evolving technologies, and build a customer-centric approach to thrive in this dynamic and rapidly growing sector. Like I always say – 90% of India is not in urban cities, they thrive in small towns and rural areas and that should be the priority.” 

What sets N7 – The Nitrogen Platform apart as a performance disruptor is its specialization in optimizing the loading of third-party Java Scripts, high-resolution images and videos, and controlling various web elements. They help online brands to enhance site performance by up to 50% and boost online conversion rates by as much as 15%. Their seamless content delivery extends beyond urban areas, reaching low-tier towns, cities, and rural regions. Also, the platform’s agile process has helped them acquire the trust of top fashion and retail D2C brands further solidifying their leadership position within the industry.

Nitrogen’s future growth plan is to empower digital commerce enterprises to effortlessly provide unparalleled user experiences by adding invaluable insights into customer journeys and applications, enabling marketing teams to guide their strategies independently with minimal IT intervention. In Manoj’s words, “We want to transform Nitrogen into the indispensable partner for India's commerce leaders, offering comprehensive solutions spanning security, actionable insights, SEO improvements and peak performance optimization.”