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How can N7’s Fast Purge benefit your eCommerce Brand?

Nitrogen’s Dense PoP architecture gives it the capacity to store an enormous amount of caching data which helps in significantly enhancing cache percentage & drastically decreasing purge time.


NITROGEN offers one of the industry’s highest cache-hit ratios and an impressive purge speed, which allows the deletion of stale content from its global caching network in under 2 seconds!!

Here are a few features of N7's industry-leading Fast Purge API:

  • Intelligent Caching: N7 Fast Purge automatically sets the caching rules by identifying the resources that change more frequently.
  • Integrate with your CMS: REST-based API can integrate with CMS/PIM solutions to trigger cache purges automatically as the content is published.
  • Gives you more flexibility: API & N7's dashboard offers advanced purge caching, and the settings can be customized as per your business requirements. It can be based on certain patterns, single URLs or directories and can be set for automatic purging starting from a few milliseconds.
  • Get granular insights: Get actionable insights into caching of your website and understand how much cache-hit ratio your website achieves.
Features of Nitrogen's Fast Purge

Customers who use N7 Fast Purge:

Flash Sales at Shoppers Stop & Aza Fashions

They have a surprise 1-day or 1 hr sale where they send out push notifications to the customers and slash the prices for a certain period. They rely on N7’s Fast Purge to keep their customers updated with the stock inventory updates and changes in pricing before, during and after the flash sales.

Fluctuating Gold Prices for Candere & Kalyan Jewellers

As the gold prices keep fluctuating daily, they need to update their customers with the latest prices. Thus, they effectively use N7 Fast Purge to replace the old prices with the updated ones.

Want to know how can Nitrogen's Fast Purge, help your eCommerce brand? Reach out to our team of experts.

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