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Faster Website.
Happier Customers.
Higher Revenue.

Powerful and Unique AI/ML technology personalizes content delivery for your end users' devices to ensure your website loads at lightning-fast speed and ensures the user's journey is tailored for each device.

Trusted by 1500+ Digital Commerce websites

Meet N7: Your Speed, Scale, Security, SEO - Sorted

Take control of website speed and performance with N7

Improve page load times by 30% to 70%


  • With N7 DXA, creating ultra-fast sites becomes simple. Our intuitive tools enable teams to achieve sub-second page loads, incorporating sequencing of 3rd party apps and improving loading of content.

5X to 20X more pages get indexed on Google


  • Experience a significant performance enhancement with N7 SERA. Enjoy lightning-fast pages that are immediately accessible to crawlers, leading to quicker indexing and increased brand visibility.

Fully managed security suite to protect your online store


  • With N7 MSS, gain enhanced visibility into potential vulnerabilities, reduce false positives, and enjoy the rapid deployment of new rules to efficiently and effectively counter attempted attacks.

Journey optimization for each user

Smart Personlization

  • N7's smart predictive caching anticipates users' next clicks, optimizing navigation and caching content locally for a performance boost and personalized visitor experience. It adapts to screen size, compute power, and real-time bandwidth availability.

Why are your visitors not converting to customers?

Drop in conversions if there's even a 1-sec delay in page load time
Stop engaging if images & videos do not load fast enough
Abandon a website that takes >3-secs to load
Lost each minute a site is down due to security or performance

Start Giving Shoppers the Best Online Experience

N7 Promises Happier Online Visitors and More Conversions

N7 brings the power of AI/ML to boost your site performance. Deliver content faster to your online customers with N7!

We Understand Your Users' Devices and Journey

N7 predicts users' next clicks to optimize navigation. We adapt to user's screen size and compute power, and account for real-time bandwidth availability.

We Understand Your Site's Content

N7 examines your site elements to identify performance blockers and 3rd-party dependencies.

We Makes Intelligent Decisions for Your Site

N7 optimizes images and videos based on device and network conditions. We tailor site delivery based on site elements and pre-cache the next page on the user's device.

N7 - The All-In-One Performance Booster for Your eCommerce Store

To compete effectively, your brand must not only have a fast-loading website, but it must also differentiate itself by providing better shopper experiences through the use of distinctive imagery and eCommerce technologies. N7 aims to improve the performance of sophisticated eCommerce websites.

Customers love N7

Santosh Deodhar, CTO of Aza Fashions shares how N7 helped them to improve the website performance by 40% and boost online conversions.

"Nitrogen enabled us to reach out to millions of new moms across India with parenting tips, advice and experiences making our platform fast, scale and secure. The analytics helped us understand our long tail which was a big value add. N7 is a key part of our growth as we continue to scale."

Ajay Gondhia, CTO, Hopscotch

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